Benetech’s Code Alliance Initiative

Code Alliance is an open source - technology for impact initiative started by Benetech Labs. Our goal is to bring together the open source software community, social impact leaders, and high-tech companies to build a coalition of volunteer support for nonprofit organizations.

We do this by connecting nonprofits that are highly technical with individual developers and volunteer teams from large corporations.

We help nonprofits define specific tasks and manageable projects in a wide variety of fields that volunteer developers can hack on in short and effective periods of time.

Who do we work with?

We work with high-tech nonprofits that have engineers on staff and need help with open source projects. We prefer to work on technologies that are already deployed in the field and making a measurable impact for the community.

We ask that our nonprofit partners have the following three:

An engineer on staff to make sure that any technology help we provide you change is sustainable and can be integrated correctly.

An open source project. We cannot help you build proprietary technology. It’s recommended to have a specific open source license associated with your technology.

Your technology is already being used in the field. We want to make sure that we’re contributing to something that is helping your organization change people’s lives and doesn’t end up sitting on the shelf.

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