We’re building infrastructure for Social Good 2.0

Every day, there are thousands of people using technology tools to make a positive difference in millions of people’s lives. Code Alliance is committed to providing a platform that amplifies this impact. We…

  • Drive awareness of the power of open source software for social good and the nonprofit organizations creating it as their core mission.
  • Connect technical professionals to opportunities to volunteer time and talent with these organizations.
  • Facilitate sustainable, cross-sector collaboration across the nonprofit, corporate, and open source technology communities.

More and more, there are hundreds of nonprofits that are highly technical and are approaching the same capacities as many for-profit tech companies.

Nonprofits however, cannot continue to scale their tech operations in the same way that a for-profit can. With cost constraints, engineering teams at nonprofits must be highly agile and wear many hats. Naturally, nonprofit tech organizations look to bring in outside volunteers to help them fix bugs, automate small processes, and provide guidance on new software architecture and ideas. As their technical volunteerism programs grow, nonprofits realize they need organized processes with which to coordinate volunteer technical development. Solutions to this problem can be found in adapting open source software methodologies to the nonprofit space. This is a guide to help your organization understand and start to adapt some of these processes.

Why nonprofits should embrace open source

Imagine having hundreds of volunteer developers help you manage small parts of your technology every year.

This would free up your core engineering team to do what they do best – that is, to focus on the most specific and cutting-edge advancements in how your organization operates. To get to this point, your organization must invest sometime in setting up an open source developer zone and should have a few staff (both technical and non-technical) who understand how to work with volunteer developers.

Ideally, you’ll have a dedicated community manager and a dedicated open source engineer who can manage this process.

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