Other Tech For Good Volunteer Organizations

Pro Bono Technology with Taproot Plus


Taproot Plus lets nonprofits search for volunteers with specific skills. If you’re a nonprofit, Taproot Plus connects you to the type of volunteer you’re looking for free of charge. If you’re a volunteer, you move through Taproot Plus’s short application process and they match you to a nonprofit project that fits your skills.

Civic Hacking with Code For America


Code For America started with a fellowship program that paid new college graduates to spend a year working for a local city government or municipality. Since the success of their fellows program in developing a huge network of civic technologists, Code For America now sponsors hundreds of local Code For America Brigades chapters around the U.S. The Brigades work on civic tech projects on their own time for their local area and can serve as a great resource if you’re a nonprofit looking to get connected your city’s local technology resources.

Skills-based Volunteering with Catchafire


Catchafire is a website where nonprofits can list projects that they need help with. They do charge for this service, but they have a high number of services that will match volunteers to your project.

More Projects with Volunteer Match


VolunteerMatch is another website that matches nonprofits looking for help to volunteers. VolunteerMatch doesn’t tend to have quite as many technical projects listed as other services.

Open Source with OpenHatch


Open Hatch provides free community tools to help you learn about open source development. It’s a great place to get connected to open source developer and learn more about how to leverage them for social impact work.

Think Big with ThoughtWorks


Thoughtworks is a for profit organization that provide technology consulting, hands-on technical help, design-thinking, and white papers around agile development.

Data Help with DataKind


Datakind engages in helping on social impact projects through a robust data science service. They work as technical consultants to help organizations improve processes.

Techsoup Global


Techsoup is a large organization that resources, facilities, a network of partners, and transformative services to social impact organizations of all kind. They have a strong network of large tech companies supporting them in making an impact.

Caravan Studios


Caravan Studios is a program of TechSoup Global that engages highly with the technology for impact community. They host quarterly Apps4Change Demo’s bringing social good techies into the room with nonprofits for demos and discussions. They also aid organizations in application development and have a few in-house social good apps they’ve built themselves.

Fast Forward Accelerator for Tech Nonprofits


Nonprofits that are highly technical can apply for the Fast Forward Accelerator program, which takes place over the summer and gives organizations access to a network of tech professionals who understand social impact.

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